14 December Announcement for the purchase of own shares Plaisio Computers S.A
11 December Deadline for collection of share dividend 2009
17 July Decrease of share capital PLAISIO ESTATE S.A.
23 June Share Buyback
19 June Share Buyback
30 April Announcement of the renewal of the appointment of Market Maker
30 April Announcement concerning share buy back programme
24 April Supplementation Of Corporate Financial Calendar For 2015
23 April Announcement for the increase and simultaneous decrease of share capital with increase and decrease of the nominal value of the share
3 April Election and Constitution in a body of the Board of Directors
3 April Decisions of the annual Ordinary General Assembly
23 March Announcement of draft memorandum
11 March Invitation to General Assembly
2 March Announcement on the appointment of a market maker for the company’s shares Plaisio Computers sa
2 March Financial Calendar for 2015
30 January Announcement for the Increase of the Share Capital by the increase of the nominal value of all the shares of the Company
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