investor relations announcements & press releases 2017

Presentation to the Hellenic Fund and Asset Management Association
5 April 2017



Today the PLAISIO Group presented the financial results of 2016, during the annual presentation to the Hellenic Fund & Asset Management Association. Group sales came up to 283 m. € from 272 m. € in 2015. The Group achieved significant earnings before tax of 6,6 m. € and EBITDA of 10,1 m. €.
In a volatile environment, the core of Plaisio which is constituted by the Management and the Team which both are committed to the long term success of the Group, make the Group extremely resilient to the Downside and fully prepared for the Upside. 

Konstantinos Gerardos, Vice President and CEO of the Company after the financial results, mentioned the below facts of 2016:
- The market share increase in all basic product categories
- The operational opening of the 23rd store of the PLAISIO Group, in Dafni
- The investment in the new e-business platform and the incorporation of the Cross Channel CRM platform for the recognition of the customer and the utilization of his consuming behavior at each channel
- The preparation of the new communication platform with the main marketing campaign of “your mind goes to Plaisio” 
- The reward of Plaisio for its performance not only commercially but also, financially, and
- The very recent reward, by the Plaisio Team of the Group as one of the ten Best Wolkplaces in 2017.

The presentation was concluded with the actions of the volunteering team #plai_sou, which participated in the free distribution of school products in 13 schools in Greece, in the 8th Marathon organized by “ALMA ZOIS” with a team of 266 volunteers and by offering secured sales points of the street magazine “Shedia”.

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