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Dividend Payment for the year 2016
24 May 2017




The Company “PLAISIO COMPUTERS S.A.” announces, based on articles of the ATHEX Rulebook and the decision of its Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting, of May 23rd 2017, the dividend for the year 2016 approved and comes up to 1.103.783,25 euro, i.e. comes up to 0,05 euro per share (gross amount), from which amount the relevant tax on dividends 15% is withheld and thus the total payable amount of dividend per share will come up to 0,0425 euro, based on article 40 par. 1 of the law 4172/2013.

It is noted the Company holds 4.335 common own shares which are excluded from the dividend payment.

Tuesday, May 30th 2017 was determined as ex–dividend date. It is clarified that based on the Rulebook of ATHEX, the Company actions are conducted based on the rule of “record date” and, consequently, eligible for the dividend will be the stockholders that are registered on Dematerialized Securities System (DSS) of the relevant date (record date). As a result, eligible for the dividend of the aforementioned dividend are the stockholders that are registered on DSS on the record date, i.e. on Wednesday May 31st 2017

The payment of the dividend will begin on Tuesday 6th of June 2017 and will take place through the payment bank “Eurobank Ergasias S.A.”, according to the limitations regarding the cash withdrawals and the capital transfers imposed since 18.07.2015 (Government Gazette: Α΄ 84/18.07.2015), as follows:

1. Through the operators of the Greek Dematerialized Securities System (DSS/SAT) for those shareholders who have empowered for the dividend collection their operators according to paragraph of the ATHEX Rulebook and paragraph 39 of the SAT Rules.

2. Through the branch network of the payment bank “Eurobank Ergasias S.A.” in Greece for the Shareholders who have requested an exemption from their DSS/SAT Operator and those whose operator is CSD.

3. Through a payment to the International Bank Account Number (IBAN), declared by the investor, in accordance with Article 13 of the Rules of Operation of DSS and decision number 6 of the BoD of the ATHEXCSD, as applicable, for investors who do not wish to receive the amounts through their Operators. This is only applicable to investors that indicated an IBAN of the paying bank “Eurobank Ergasias S.A.”.

The collection of the dividend for the above mentioned case 2 is realized with the disclosure of the DSS/SAT (Securities Account Number of the Investor) and proof of official identification or with a legally designated representative in any branch of the payment bank.

For more information the Stockholders are kindly requested to communicate with the Investors Relations Department, tel. 210-55.87.312.

Furthermore, contact details of the paying bank are as follows: Eurobank Ergasias, Domestic Markets Custody Operations, Corporate Actions Department, Iolkou 8 and Filikis Etaireias, 14234 N. Ionia, tel. +30 210-35.22.085, +30 210-35.22.270.

The dividends that are not collected by December 31st 2022 are written off in favour of the Greek State according to article 1 of c.l. 1195/1942.


Magoula, 23th of May 2017

The Board of Directors

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