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Press Release of General Assembly
25 May 2017



This General Assembly of 2017 of Plaisio was one of the most well-attended. It took place in the Management, Distribution & Logistics centre of 22.500 square metres in Magoula which is staffed by 350 people.

The Chairman and CEO, Georgios Gerardos referred to some historical figures for the publicly listed companies in the Athens Stock Exchange and he emphasized that Plaisio is one of the 32 listed companies which display continuous profitability from 2008 to 2016 and also, Plaisio holds the 18th position for its cumulative EBT in the those nine years.

Plaisio Computers inaugurated 5 new stores and increased its selling space by 7.000 square metres in the nine-year period of 2008-2016. The customers, today, have the opportunity to browse not only, in the 31.000 square metres of Plaisio stores and choose among 22.000 products, but also, in the e-store, which attracts 100.000 visitors per day.

In 2016, Plaisio Computers achieved a sales increase of 4,0% and an EBITDA of 10,1 ml. Euro.

The Vice President and managing director Mr. Kostas Gerardos referred the voluntary activities of  Plaisio’s team #plai_sou, starting from the most recent, our participation in the mission of Nautilos in acritic regions and the offer of equipment and graphic material to the islands Arkioi, Agathonisi, And Farmakonisi.

Mr. Kostas Gerardos spoke for  “the retail of future” that will be very different from that we know the last fifty years. “we believe that this model that will prevail is the omnichannel but with different balance between the Channels and with the main difference the knowledge of the preferences and habits of the customer”  referred among others.

During the economic crisis in Greece, Plaisio Computers S.A was distinguished and awarded as one of the greatest employers with the best work place in the country at the “Best Workplaces” awards of the international institution “Great Place to Work”, in the category of large enterprises employing more than 250 employees.

Plaisio Computers S.A employs more than 1.200 employees and invests in 43.000 man-hours per year for the training of its personnel. The above award is the most outstanding for the Company Management and the shareholders, among the ten discriminations that the company has received in 2016, as it expresses the gratitude of our own people. 

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