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Announcement concerning share buy back programme
28 June 2017



The Board of Directors of PLAISIO COMPUTERS S.A.(hereafter “the Company”) announces, according to article of the ATHEX Rulebook, its intention to commence the implementation of the decision of the Annual General Assembly of the Shareholders of the Company regarding the approval of the share buyback programme - that took place on 23.05.2017 - on 03.07.2017. By the aforementioned decision, approval was given, according to article 16 of the c.l. 2190/1920, for the purchase by the upper limit of 2.207.566 common shares of the Company, with purchase price three (3,00) Euros per share as the lowest limit and with six (6,00) Euros per share as the upper limit, with expiring date May 23rd 2019.

The purchases of own shares will be conducted pursuant to the regulatory framework and more specifically with the rules of the Regulation 2273/2003 of the European Commission


Athens, 27 June 2017

The Board of Directors

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