investor relations announcements & press releases 2017

Announcement according to article 9 par. 5 of c.l. 3556/2007
4 July 2017



The Company PLAISIO COMPUTERS S.A. (hereafter “the Company”) announces, according to article 9 par. 5 of c.l. 3556/2007 that as a consequence of the share capital decrease by the amount of 1.430,55 Euro due to the deletion of 4.335 treasury shares that was decided on the annual General Assembly of the Shareholders of 23rd May 2017, the fully paid share capital of the Company amounts to 7.284.969,45 Euro, the number of common ordinary shares amounts to 22.075.665 with equal voting rights and with nominal value of 0,33 Euro each.

The present announcement is conducted according to c.l. 3556/2007 for the calculation and determination of acquisition and disposal limits of significant participations by shareholders or voting rights holders.

Athens, 4 July 2017

The Board of Directors

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